Thursday, February 01, 2007

We are a Nielsen Family

Well sort of. We are doing a one week "TV Viewing Diary". It is sort of stressing me out. I don't know that I want to see how much TV we watch written down in journal format! Tivo has made a reality TV junkie out of me. I am tempted to wait to watch some of these shows until next week when we don't have to record everything. Well, tempted but right now I am watching Real Housewives of Orange County while blogging and scrapping. *blush*

We are still on track to get the Odyssey back tomorrow. The wheeling and dealing of finding a new van is stressing me out and making me feel like Wonder Woman all at once. At first we were just dealing with the local dealer's Costco pricing plan but then I started doing more research and realized we could likely find a better price. I am negotiating with the local dealer as well as contacting 3 other dealerships to see what they have in-stock and if they can give me a better price. One of the dealerships called this evening and asked all sorts of questions that I now know better than to answer! Like what does how much we owe on our trade in have to do with the price of the new vehicle? NOTHING! Or what price am I looking for? Huh? No way... you tell me your price and we can go from there. We are looking for a 2006 so while we have some wiggle room in that they want to clear them out there is not a ton of inventory to chose from. Here is hoping that tomorrow we find the right van at the right price!


Laura said...

I am so jealous!! I would LOVE to be a Nielsen family!! How do you get in on that? :) (I'm a TV dork, I know)

Melissa said...

New van thoughts! New van thoughts!

justkc said...

Laura, They called me and asked. I have no idea how. Maybe they sensed the amount of TV we watch now that we have Tivo? *blush*

HypeMan said...

I've been looking for you Nielsen homes. I'm just a guy who landed a gig on a new show, and I need Nielsen people to watch so I could keep my job.

The show is a video game like pro wrestling show with explosions, incredible acrobatics and fun characters.

It's on MTV on Tuesday Nights at 10:30pm eastern time.

PLEASE WATCH... Please!!!


--Fabian Kaelin