Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday already?

How is that possible? This morning we have William's hearing test and we are hoping to pick up the Odyssey this afternoon. Hoping. The Kia dealership has really low balled the trade in offer so we are going to try a couple of other avenues first. At the least we need to get back what we owe on it- although it would have been nice to make $$ on it like we had the potential to do before the accident.

Last night I finished my first LO for Penny with her gorgeous Chirp set (see yesterday's post for the full kit and link). Full credits in my gallery on DST
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Geri said...

Love that LO! (though until I looked closer, the 2 looked like a 3 lol)

Hope you get your van today!

cheribear said...

Love the new team!!! Great kit and LO - really different but still suits your style so well!!

Also, I'm loving your blog header!

Holy, MOLY everything I say sounds like a gallery comment!

Christy said...

How did the hearing test go?