Friday, February 02, 2007

Tears... many tears

So I am still waiting to hear from the body shop that the Odyssey is ready for pick up - I called and the guy I have been working with for 2 months is out today. Nice. So now they are trying to find someone else who can let me know what is going on.

I have also been in email contact throughout the morning with the internet manager of the local Kia dealer. We are now considering a claret red 2006 EX that has been used a demo and has 1500+ miles on it. The manager confirmed that it has only been driven by one of the district managers and is in excellent condition. Now we are waiting to hear if we would purchase this vehicle as new or used and how that effects the bottom line.

But while nerve wracking, none of that is bringing me to tears. My friend and designer Kimberly had told me about a high school friend of hers who has cancer and today on DST she posted a link to the friend's blog. Oh, so sad. I am so thankful for my health (that I take for granted and should really be doing much more to preserve) and then time and energy that I have to spend with my babies. My heart is just breaking for this woman and her family. I have been reading the blog from the beginning, in tears.

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