Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Friday!

The week sure flew by! The boys and I had a tough Valentine's day - they were just super crazy and a trip to the park was disastrous when William kept trying to run away down big hills (straight towards the road) or in to muddy ravines. I gave the boys a bath after the park (about 50% of the bathwater ended up on the floor) and then an early picnic dinner on the livingroom floor. When Carl got home we put them to bed and then had some nice time together - interrupted by both boys waking up, screaming a number of times.

Carl made us scallops in a lemon glaze, fillet mignon and crusty hot bread. Our fresh asparagus was left out because of the multiple wakings. We had dinner and watched American Idol in between tending to the boys. We had a rare treat of mid-week wine, it was good stuff - 7 deadly Zins.
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My valentine and I with Traci Reed's New Black Lace collection available at ACOT:
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Lisa said...

KC, that's a beautiful layout!

The scallops sound yummy - does Carl have a particular recipe, or does he just toss stuff together?

The name of your wine made me laugh - I saw some today called Oops! I think I may have to buy a bottle just because the name amuses me.

Christy said...

Oh, that red ought to be called bordello red! Hubba hubba! lol

I'm glad you had a good v-day dinner - even if it was interrupted.

Chris Wasielewski said...

Yes, yes.... please post that scallops recipe. We had a real CLUNKER with scallops last week. We need a good recipe!


Laura said... two are so cute!! I love scallops too - yum. Hope you had a good week this week!