Saturday, February 24, 2007

We are family!

A small part of my big family at Thanksgiving 06. The credits list is HUGE and can be found at DST.
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We have started taking afternoon walks with William actually walking! He loves his bear backpack harness thing - which is awesome because if we didn't have that he would be in the street in moments! Thursday afternoon we took a puddle walk during a break in the rain. I took my dSLR with us and the battery died! The boys LOVED splashing in the puddles and I loved watching them love it.

This weekend we have plans to visit our city's big brand new library! It looks gorgeous from the outside, I cannot wait to see inside! I am very anxious to go to Costco tomorrow to pick up my first big set of printed LOs. I am printing at 8x8 size... I hope it works well! A $20 experiment!

Scallop recipe - it was from the cookbook "How to Cook Everything" - I will try to get the recipe tomorrow and post it!


Amy said...

The girls love splashing in the puddles too! Except right now, the puddles are from melting snow and make for cold piggie toes!

Another one who wants that scallop recipe!

How are you liking the new minivan?

Carrie said...

Great LO!

Christy said...

I'm with Amy! Puddle splashing is fun, but we need to wait until spring.

Laura said...

Love the library...we go a lot. They have such great resources!

Heatherly said...

I love that the tag on that says "We Are Family: Dry Clean Only."

I think I have a Dry Clean Only family, too.