Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday Bloody Monday

Yesterday we spent nearly 3 hours at the park. Our homeschool preschool met for a play day. We had a nice time, met some new friends and the boys played hard. In the last 30 minutes they both bit it. The park we were at is mostly padded, foam ground cover or sand - and both boys took a header on the cement. Goodness. William has an itty bitty goose egg on top of the one he got a week or so ago from falling over the gate in to the kitchen. Zachary got a good bunch of road rash on his forehead, temple and cheek. Poor guys.

After the park we came home for what turned in to a messy, messy lunch. The boys were both covered with blackberries and almond butter, on top of the sand and dirt from the park. So in the tub they went. They spent a good hour in there with bath paints (we make our own colors out of baby shampoo and food coloring) and then got a good scrub down and soak. Then we had spaghetti for dinner LOL! Duh.

The best part of bath paints is painting a brother.

Our weekend was busy with lots of nothing. A couple of trips to the park, the farmer's market, watching the Krispy Kreme donut machines, Target, the grocery store (on Super Bowl Sunday - BAD idea).
Watching the donut machine.

William doesn't like the bridges that move so Zachary took
him by the hand to help him across. So sweet.
My boys.
Running to catch up with Daddy and Brother.

We are still waiting for the Odyssey back... it failed alignment. Duh. An SUV hit the tire going 40 MPH. Why would it pass the alignment tests? The impact broke the steering column from the inside. This wasn't a fender bender, I still cannot believe they did not total the van. And now we are discussing waiting until we have #3 to buy a van and using the Jeep again as our family vehicle. Uck. Being financially responsible sucks. We need to discuss the costs and benefits some more but it is a possibility we will be selling the Odyssey and repairing the Jeep.

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