Friday, September 15, 2006

So maybe I stink at this?

Now I have time to blog since I cannot scrap *waaaa*. My laptop is *FULL*. DH ordered a 500GB Storage Server from and we were expecting it on 9/13. When we checked the shipping info we found that it had left California (where we are) and is now on its way to NEW JERSEY! WHAT??? So I finally go a hold of both UPS and Costco today and they are innitating an investigation and if it is confirmed by UPS to Costco that it is indeed lost then they will expidite ship a new item. Geesh. All I want to do is DL the stuff I have purchased and get to play!

I love my last page. September 13th was the 10th anniversary of our first date. The song "Head Over Feet" by Alanis Morissette was a frequent guest in my CD player those first weeks of our relationship and on Wednesday I was in the car and that song came on! I knew I had to come home and scrap it! I had to keep deleting things from my laptop in order to keep working/saving. I stayed up until 5am completing the page. I love that picture of DH. My cutie pie :)

I have some other faves I haven't shared on my blog - well how could I share if I never post LOL!

Zachary LOVES his Buzz.
This picture is from late spring (when he also still loved the binkie) but Buzz is still a constant companion. Why couldn't he love a darker colored friend? LOL Buzz is scuzzy! I thought this kit from Shawna Clingerman was perfect for Buzz pages! Especially since Zachary wants to be Buzz for Halloween! My awesome friend Geri is sending her boys' Buzz costume for us to borrow and the Woody Hat for William. William is such a peanut that the Woody Costumes out there are just all too big so I am thinking a pair of jeans, a yellow button up, the Woody hat and then I will make a vest with a badge. I have been searching for some teeny cowboy boots but I won't pay $15 for something he will only wear for Halloween.

Last year both of my boys were pumpkins... the same pumpkin Zachary was for his first 3 Halloweens LOL! This is the first year we will be breaking the Pumpkin mold!