Friday, March 09, 2007

An Update!?

Wow, I have a blog! LOL!

We have been keeping busy. The weather has been nice and we have spent a lot of time outside or at the park.

Our preschool homeschool group has evolved a bit. Our Monday mornings are now an open park/playdate for all age homeschool families and on Thursday mornings 3 of us are getting together with our 6 kids to do more directed "preschool time". Each mom will take a turn of a month or so of teaching a group of lessons. H started a group of lessons about the 5 senses yesterday. She made "touching bags" with different textures inside and the kids felt the items inside and then described them. They made textured collages and then we played outside. A's house is perfect for our preschool time and my boys love being over there. In fact Zachary loves it so much that there is much wailing and drama involved when it is time to leave.

This morning we did salt painting and smooth painting and talked about the bumpy and smooth feeling when we touched it. Zachary painted a "T", "H" and an "A"! We had 3 big letters and talked about what word we could make from them - now we have "HAT" spelled out on our kitchen wall in big bumpy letters! I am so proud!

William is really, really 2. Now when you ask him how old he is he says "FIVE" and holds up all 5 fingers. Stinker. He thinks he is sooooo funny. Well he is pretty funny but we like hearing "two" also! He has no fear. We have had to move the loveseat in front of the fireplace to keep him from pulling the glass insert out again. When we are outside he will chase the cat anywhere - including off the side of the high deck. Yikes. William wants to keep up with everything his brother does. It isn't even that he wants to be like his big brother - he just doesn't want to be left out. As a result my 25.5 month old peed on the potty this week! He also pees on the floor many times a day since he won't leave any clothes and earlier in the week he peed in a toy bin and then brought it to me! At least he is getting the idea, I guess.

Zachary's new skill that he is so proud of (besides painting letters) is peeing in the bushes. He has been successfully using the potty for some time now but is terrified of the toilet and peeing standing up - so this week I have encouraged (yikes) him to pee in the bushes outside which after some hesitation he now finds wickedly cool. And success! We have had toilet peeing now too!

I have been in a bit of a scrapping funk but I did complete this page of Emme at her 2nd birthday party: (ACOT Spring Fling collab kit and a new handwriting font by Darcy Baldwin):
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Last week I did a page about a quick clean with Traci Reed's new boy kit
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Full credits for both on DST


Geri said...



Not much else to say since I knew all of this already...well except for the HAT letters...Way to go Zachary!!! :)

Carrie said...

Yeah for an update! Sounds like the boys are doing great!

Great LO's!

Lisa said...

Hooray for letters and pee in the potty (and the bushes, LOL) and very, very two! And those layouts are beautiful. :-)

Chris Wasielewski said...

Yay, you updated!!

Your preschool group sounds great. I'm sure the kids LOVE those fun activities!!


Christy said...

Does Zachary mind William following him around? We're just starting to get to the point that Claire is annoying Jake.

I LOVE the pale blue floral layout. That's soooo pretty.

Kelley said...

Hey, Brendan does the same exact thing with the two/five thing. He has it in his head that Connor and Lilly are five (well, they will be soon!), so if you ask him how old he is, he splays his little hands and says five, with an impish grin. With much goading he'll admit to two, though. LOL

Jillian said...

I *love* the paper on emme's page, that is beautiful!