Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A hot, hot night

And not the fun kind of hot. William had a temp of 104 last night. Poor peanut. Stripping him down and giving him our last dose of children's Motrin got him down to 101 this morning. Carl went out this morning and bought more Motrin and Tylenol, hopefully I can keep his temp down today. He seems pretty unaffected by it, happy and playing like normal. His cough is a bit grosser though. Yuck.

Unfortunately we will likely have to miss homeschool co-op tomorrow. Zachary announced this morning that he wanted to do homeschool today. I asked him what he wanted to learn and his answer: "dancin'"! Ohmy! Mommy is way unqualified to teach that. We did some silly dances and then he decided that was enough and wanted to do math. We have been doing finger math and he is really getting it. He keeps announcing that 2+2=4! Love it!

Today's task is to digi scrap Bunco invites and email them out and then work on the princess purse and mug inserts for prizes. And thank you for all of the condolences for my hurt laptop. I doubt it will get fixed - it is at least $400 for a new screen and that is without any labor involved. DH has a 3 year rule for computers so according to him this one won't be replaced until early 2009. Ugh. So I am stuck with this for the long term. Bummer.

(I feel naked posting this without a graphic/picture - I need to work on my invites and come back quick to post them!)

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Nikole said...

I hope William is feeling better! Dancing was always my favorite lesson (in and out of school ;)