Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Barf-fest Continues

Now Zachary has joined the festivities. It is 5am and I am up with Zachary who started barfing in his bed shortly after William barfed in our bed. Yesterday in a 30 minute period I cleaned up William barfing on the play tiles, peeing on the floor, pooping on the floor ("pee pee" no, honey that is a big POOP on the floor *gag*) and then Zachary overflowing the toilet when he "wiped myself with one square of toilet paper" uh, yeah. Right.

I am supposed to have a 7:30am optometrist appointment this morning but I am not sure how that will work with two potential pukers and DH having a HVAC guy coming this morning to check our AC that doesn't seem to want to make cool air. I think I will try to get the kids in to the pediatrician too since this is now day 6 of William having high temps, runny nose, coughing and barfing.

In laptop news the screen mess up has expanded - it now goes out to the right of the screen too - so I have a giant "V" of blacked out screen. I should try to take a picture of it later. Really quite annoying.

I did get my Bunco invites made and sent out -
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Melanie said... poor thing!!! :( I hate when they are sick and barfing everywhere. About a month ago, we went through EVERY set of sheets in our house in just ONE night between my little boy & girl!!

Hugs that things get better soon! try to have a good day!

ymA said...

OH NO! I hope everyone feels better soon.

Lisa said...

Oh, geez, KC, I'm sorry about the barf. I hope everyone is better soon.

Love the Bunco invites!

- B said...

CUTE invitations. :) I hope the boys are feeling better by now. I missed you this weekend.