Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bad Mom

More Cornia goodies and my tales of bad momness from today.
I can’t help it. Sometimes I laugh when I really shouldn’t. Sometimes you crack me up when you are the ultimate in serious. And some days your “pain” leaves me in fits of giggles. What a bad mom.
Today we were in the bathroom, discussing the merits of peeing standing up in to the toilet thereby eliminating the need for me to constantly empty your potty. You were not convinced. In all of your 4 year old drama you sat yourself on the edge of the bathtub to prove your unwillingness to even make an effort. Your plop landed you on the shower curtain, which pulled down the curtain rod. The curtain rod bounced off your head and you fell in to the tub, feet up in the air. You were shocked and furious at the curtain. You thought I was crying with you but I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my face. Your spill was classic and once I knew you were not hurt it was downright hilarious. Bad, bad momma.

A page that has been awaiting the release of Traci Reed's fun new Punk Love kit -

As usual - full credits on DST


Lisa said...

KC, those are great pages! And if you're a bad mom, so are we all - I can't tell you how many times I've laughed at J's pratfalls once I know he's not really hurt.

Melissa said...
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Geri said...

Weird...I just wrote up a comment and they told me it could not be processed...GRRRR ANYWAY...last night I was looking at the kits I have to work with right now and was complaining that they are all similiar in color and I was wishing that my designers would come out with a brighter kit. Well... then I went to DST gallery and said "There! Like that one!" and then I looked closer and it was your Bad Momma LO! LOL Too bad I got my corina rejection yesterday! :(

Christy said...



I totally laugh at my children. And yours.