Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm back!

Well that was a long blog break. No more, I am committing myself to regular updates, granted I am not going to define "regular" but for now - I am back.

33. I am! Yesterday was my birthday and why does 33 sound SO much older than 32? We spent the day out of the house. Carl took a vacation day and we had a home school preschool group field trip planned to the Jelly Belly Factory. We toured the factory - a tad bit disappointing. It was cool to see the factory at work but the tour guide was less than stellar and the frequent video clips were trite and difficult to see. The kids did seem to like it. Zachary was not bothered by the loud factory noise, didn't need to run back to the car to use the potty seat and William stayed in the stroller happily peering through the stroller height windows throughout the 40 minute tour.

After a little Jelly Belly shopping we had lunch with our friends. The kids were well behaved but loud and scared away all the other patrons in the room with us! Thankfully we were there for a late lunch so the restaurant wasn't too full. I received a sombrero and a sarenade and Heather brought me cupcakes and cookies for the kids! It was fun!

We started the long drive home and stopped on the way at Mother & Baby Source in Davis. I wanted to see an Ergo in person. It was a really nice store and they were very helpful. I think the Ergo would work well for both William and/or a new baby. I had to return a few Christmas gifts so I might use that $$ to purchase a new Ergo in camel. OR I am still considering a Beco but Carl is much less likely to try a Beco than an Ergo. Of course I still have the fabric to make a BMT so the Ergo could statisfy the need for utility while the BMT could satisfy my desire for fun and funky.

The boys and I are having a "quiet" day at home. Granted little is quiet in a house with a 2 year old and 4 year old. We have been building tall block structures which William knocks down with great gusto, infuriating Zachary. Big fun!


Chris Wasielewski said...

She lives!!!

YAY!!! Now I can get my KC fix!! Sorry the tour wasn't that great, but at least it sounds like the boys enjoyed it! Happy Birthday GIRL!!!


ella6599 said...

Happy belated birthday!

Chelsea said...

I love that you say "regular" but...ummm, I am not going to tell you what "regular" is! Classic!
Welcome back, and happy belated birthday!!!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday KC!!! (a little late)