Saturday, August 26, 2006

Well now that I started, why stop there?

We have these two beautiful boys and are hoping for a 3 child to bless our family. We had discussed trying to make a new person this late summer/early fall... as in now. But we made a big decision. We are waiting, probably until next late summer/fall. We do not want another holiday season baby and I think that I would enjoy having the boys a little older. So if we try next fall we would have a spring/summer baby that would be 5.5 and 3.5 younger than his/her older brothers. That works for me.

We made this decision this week and then tonight ran in to my OB/GYN at Costco! I adore her. She thought we were crazy to have 2 in almost 2 years so she approved when she heard that we won't be getting on her OB schedule for awhile longer!

I have to say that there are so many beautiful pink-girly kits out there that I am often wishing I could pick the gender of #3 just for the LOs (that is really, really sick, isn't it?).


MamaKimberly said...

Grrls rule KC!!!! Go make a "new person"!!! You rock! I love the new blog!! :)

MrsDubois said...

It's not sick.....girls are the best!

Well, I mean, your boys are freaking adorable, but geesh--imagine a girl with W's eyes and hair and Z's grin? OMG. Heartbreaker.