Saturday, August 26, 2006

So tonight I was complimented on my scrapping but my blogging ability was trashed. So trying again.

How about some life basics?

My sons are 1.5 and 3.5. They are awesome and frustrating and adorable. And they aren't getting enough sleep. Zachary has finished napping, most days. At 3.5 he doesn't seem to need a nap everyday but on no nap days he should probably be in bed at about 5:45pm LOL! So we have a new found dedication to a reasonable (7:30pm) bedtime. This is really cramping our style. Taking the two of them out to run errands on my own is so not fun, so we have been running errands after dinner. Well that is out because now DH gets home at 5:45, we eat dinner at 6, do baths and get the boys in PJs, read stories, brush teeth and it is after 7!

On the other hand, the kids were both asleep at 7:30 tonight! AMAZING! Too bad DH fell asleep soon after and is still snoozing on the couch. Geesh. We are getting O L D.

I have been in a scrapping funk lately but here are a couple of recent creations... (visit my DST gallery for full credits):

Two LOs using Mindy Wade's Rise and Shine kit available at

My crabby guys on Christmas morning.
William and his many faces.

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