Sunday, August 27, 2006

I am a winner!

I won a prize at a baby shower today! The prize was really cool - an umbrella. What a fun play on the idea of a "shower"! How I won, well rather embarrassing.

The shower was for a friend who had her second son on August 17th. Yes, that is right, just over a week ago! Baby Paul was there and amazingly beautiful. The only "game" we played was a mixer. We each got a paper to nominate 3 people - one for most embarassing potty/diaper changing story, one for the most embarassing breastfeeding/feeding story and the last was for the most memorable tantrum.

The most embarassing potty story was a mother/daughter team that was at the shower - years ago when the daughter (who is now a grandma) was 2 she wandered away from mom at Montgomery Wards and "used" a display toilet in the hardware section! LOL! Yikes!

Most embarassing breastfeeding story went to the mom who 15 years ago was a frantic first time mother and answered the door to a horrified mailman who pointed out that her nursing bra and nursing shirt were completely open.

And I won for most memorable tantrum... a month or so ago we were at Costco. Zachary (3.5) was in the big part of the cart, William (1.5) was in the front. We were all getting tired and crabby and the lines were long. I took the boys in the cart to get in line while DH went and picked up a few last items. As he walked away he tossed a box in to the cart with Zachary. Zachary picked up the box and started YELLING "MOMMA, WHAT IS THIS???? WHAAAAAAAAAAT ISSSSSSSSSS ITTTTT?". I asked him to put it down, stop yelling. He continued. I asked again... so he THREW it. The box skidded to a stop 3 lanes away, on the foot of an older gentleman. I couldn't get to the box because of the lines, couldn't leave the boys unattended. So I stood, mortified, while this nice man returned my box of 3 dozen condoms. All of that and who knows if we will even use that huge box before the expiration date! *LOL*

Well at least I got a cool new umbrella and a story to tell my future DIL out of the whole experience!


MamaKimberly said...

that is freaking hilarous!!!

beaucat said...

Wow, three dozen - my DH can only dream of using that many!

Geri said...

hummmmm....been a long time since you updated your blog....Though, truthfully, I am not suprised! HEEE!