Sunday, August 27, 2006

We went on a date last night. A real, honest DATE! Granted it started at 3pm and was over before 7pm but it was just my love and I! We went out for Thai food - something we never get with kids because we don't give them peanuts. Yum! We splurged on carbs and had an order of Pad Thai and then stuck with good healthy goodies like a huge plate of beautiful grilled veggies and beef satay. It was so yum! I had a glass of Reisling and DH had a Thai iced tea. We had such a lovely time just talking and enjoying each other. After dinner we went to Starbucks and played checkers. I tried to have a South Beach Diet friendly latte but it wasn't great - maybe 2 shots of SF vanilla syrup next time? When we got to my parents' to pick up the boys they were happily playing in the tub but glad to see us.

This date was to celebrate our 10th dating anniversary on 9/13 (our first date was on Friday the 13th!). My mom is having surgery in the coming weeks so we went now while we could. I will blog more another day about my mom, right now it is a little too raw. Anyway, 10 YEARS! Amazing! I so love this frustrating and dedicated man!

Kit - No Place Like Home by Tamara Burwick available at (full credits at DST)
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We packed up the boys and drove home where I found my Mojo! Welcome back!

Paula Duncan and Robin Carlton's 2 Scoops Kit - Creme De Menthe available at Sweet Shoppe Designs (full credits at DST)
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Kit - Hayfield Dream by Paula Duncan (full credits at DST)
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