Monday, March 26, 2007

That is some yummy pasta!

Tonight we had a heating/ a/c guy out to give a quote for a new system. He has done some work on our old system and has been here a couple of times. He is very friendly with our kids - he has a boy William's age who also has a head full of blond curls. It rained most of the day and we were cleaning today so by this evening the boys were being insane, they were hungry and getting tired. They kept running through the livingroom, knocking this poor guy's paperwork down and yelling. They didn't want to leave the room so they got a special treat of a picnic dinner. I had already made penne with broccoli and chicken in a tomato cream sauce (no sauce for William). They were sitting pretty nicely on their big picnic towel, eating dinner when Zachary paused, peering at a piece of penne and announces "PENIS PASTA!". The A/C guy was cracking up. Carl and I were mortified but giggling and he just kept at it "penis pasta! Penis Pasta! PENIS PASTA!" Soon after Zachary bid farewell to the technician by calling him "Fan Man". Oh boy, the stories he has to tell tonight!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I like lime-y green

Is that obvious yet?
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On a Whim by Julie Mead
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“pee pee, pee pee” you yelled at me. you often do not have the words to explain what it is you want the world to hear but you still let your will be known. today you were proud. Some great accomplishment that involved pee pee. I was afraid. I followed you to the bathroom where you giggled and giggled as you showed me your baby on the potty, going “pee pee”.

The Barf-fest Continues

Now Zachary has joined the festivities. It is 5am and I am up with Zachary who started barfing in his bed shortly after William barfed in our bed. Yesterday in a 30 minute period I cleaned up William barfing on the play tiles, peeing on the floor, pooping on the floor ("pee pee" no, honey that is a big POOP on the floor *gag*) and then Zachary overflowing the toilet when he "wiped myself with one square of toilet paper" uh, yeah. Right.

I am supposed to have a 7:30am optometrist appointment this morning but I am not sure how that will work with two potential pukers and DH having a HVAC guy coming this morning to check our AC that doesn't seem to want to make cool air. I think I will try to get the kids in to the pediatrician too since this is now day 6 of William having high temps, runny nose, coughing and barfing.

In laptop news the screen mess up has expanded - it now goes out to the right of the screen too - so I have a giant "V" of blacked out screen. I should try to take a picture of it later. Really quite annoying.

I did get my Bunco invites made and sent out -
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A hot, hot night

And not the fun kind of hot. William had a temp of 104 last night. Poor peanut. Stripping him down and giving him our last dose of children's Motrin got him down to 101 this morning. Carl went out this morning and bought more Motrin and Tylenol, hopefully I can keep his temp down today. He seems pretty unaffected by it, happy and playing like normal. His cough is a bit grosser though. Yuck.

Unfortunately we will likely have to miss homeschool co-op tomorrow. Zachary announced this morning that he wanted to do homeschool today. I asked him what he wanted to learn and his answer: "dancin'"! Ohmy! Mommy is way unqualified to teach that. We did some silly dances and then he decided that was enough and wanted to do math. We have been doing finger math and he is really getting it. He keeps announcing that 2+2=4! Love it!

Today's task is to digi scrap Bunco invites and email them out and then work on the princess purse and mug inserts for prizes. And thank you for all of the condolences for my hurt laptop. I doubt it will get fixed - it is at least $400 for a new screen and that is without any labor involved. DH has a 3 year rule for computers so according to him this one won't be replaced until early 2009. Ugh. So I am stuck with this for the long term. Bummer.

(I feel naked posting this without a graphic/picture - I need to work on my invites and come back quick to post them!)

I broke it...

I broke my laptop. It still works but I now have a giant gash through the screen that serves as a constant reminder of what a complete klutz I am. I was sitting with William on the couch, my laptop on the arm of the couch. William fell off the couch and in the process of trying to keep him from falling on his head I knocked my laptop down and it did something bad inside. I am glad it still works but now I have to type blindly when I hit the left side of the screen. Digiscrapping is ok because I can shrink the screen but sending emails is a pain. Blah. That stinks.

William spent the weekend throwing up and now has a cough and runny nose. I was so impressed with how well we all made it through cold and flu season but it looks like we may be suffering at the back end.

My first broken laptop LO:
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The paper is from Corina's The Big Day Collection - look at these crazy colors!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

William's Speech Evaluation

We knew William was behind in his expressive speech but we had little idea he was so behind. The preliminary guess of the Speech Language Pathologist we saw on Friday was that he will test at an 11 month level. He will be 26 months this month. His receptive language is fine but he is just not hitting that big language explosion that is expected at his age. Tomorrow I will start the phone calls looking for more info and services for him.

LO with Penny Springmann's Shoot for the Stars kit and 2 pager template - also a Darcy Baldwin font!
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Friday, March 09, 2007

An Update!?

Wow, I have a blog! LOL!

We have been keeping busy. The weather has been nice and we have spent a lot of time outside or at the park.

Our preschool homeschool group has evolved a bit. Our Monday mornings are now an open park/playdate for all age homeschool families and on Thursday mornings 3 of us are getting together with our 6 kids to do more directed "preschool time". Each mom will take a turn of a month or so of teaching a group of lessons. H started a group of lessons about the 5 senses yesterday. She made "touching bags" with different textures inside and the kids felt the items inside and then described them. They made textured collages and then we played outside. A's house is perfect for our preschool time and my boys love being over there. In fact Zachary loves it so much that there is much wailing and drama involved when it is time to leave.

This morning we did salt painting and smooth painting and talked about the bumpy and smooth feeling when we touched it. Zachary painted a "T", "H" and an "A"! We had 3 big letters and talked about what word we could make from them - now we have "HAT" spelled out on our kitchen wall in big bumpy letters! I am so proud!

William is really, really 2. Now when you ask him how old he is he says "FIVE" and holds up all 5 fingers. Stinker. He thinks he is sooooo funny. Well he is pretty funny but we like hearing "two" also! He has no fear. We have had to move the loveseat in front of the fireplace to keep him from pulling the glass insert out again. When we are outside he will chase the cat anywhere - including off the side of the high deck. Yikes. William wants to keep up with everything his brother does. It isn't even that he wants to be like his big brother - he just doesn't want to be left out. As a result my 25.5 month old peed on the potty this week! He also pees on the floor many times a day since he won't leave any clothes and earlier in the week he peed in a toy bin and then brought it to me! At least he is getting the idea, I guess.

Zachary's new skill that he is so proud of (besides painting letters) is peeing in the bushes. He has been successfully using the potty for some time now but is terrified of the toilet and peeing standing up - so this week I have encouraged (yikes) him to pee in the bushes outside which after some hesitation he now finds wickedly cool. And success! We have had toilet peeing now too!

I have been in a bit of a scrapping funk but I did complete this page of Emme at her 2nd birthday party: (ACOT Spring Fling collab kit and a new handwriting font by Darcy Baldwin):
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Last week I did a page about a quick clean with Traci Reed's new boy kit
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