Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Last week I was asked what we "do" when we homeschool. I usually find it hard to define. We talk. We play. We read. We go places. We investigate and discuss. We play with friends. We meet new friends. We play on the computer. We do not do packaged curriculum or have a set schedule or a daily goal to meet. But we do have some workbooks because they like them and so we use them on (rare) occasion. Yesterday was one of those days. Zachary asked to do some workbook pages and his "30 minutes a day" preschool workbook held his interest for over an hour an a half. William colored in an old workbook and generally wrecked havoc. As a retired classroom teacher I think I expected to do more "school at home" but as I think about it more, get to know my kids better and what works for our family - I think we are definitely more on the unschooling end of the spectrum, for now.


KC said...

sounds like a fun way of doing things.

Christy said...

They're so young - I think they need that freedom to investigate.

Dawn said...

I love that picture!
And I'm always interested in what you have to say about homeschooling... I've never personally known anyone who did, and I'm finding it intrigueing. :D