Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tooth Fairy! You have a customer!



On April 21st Zachary woke up with a very loose tooth and today it is official! The Tooth Fairy will be making her first visit to our home tonight! I think the tooth lost its battle when Zachary took a bite out of an apple today - forgetting he had a loose tooth. An hour or so later he told me it felt REAAAALLLLY loose and after closer examination I realized it was just hanging on there. I told him to just pull and out it came! He was a little freaked out by the blood but super excited that they tooth fairy will be visiting him! We talked about making a pillow but obviously we have run out of time. I am sure the TF will understand if we make do with what we have at home tonight. WOW! The Tooth Fairy is coming!

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Lisa said...

Love the new blog look, and WOW!!! Hooray for the first Tooth Fairy visit!