Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Samuel is Zachary's very special friend. He has replaced Buzz as the top lovey in the house. Last week Samuel went missing. He had been in the car with a distraught Zachary (we had to leave Target without purchasing anything which resulted in dueling meltdowns) but when Zachary came in the house Samuel did not. I thought Samuel was still in the car. He was not. We searched the car, searched the house and Samuel was nowhere to be found. The next morning Samuel was discovered in the garage, next to the cat door. Turns out that Samuel had a night out with the cats! Our Sunny cat likes to steal small squishy things (socks are a big favorite) and take them for a spin, give them the full experience of a cat's life. Samuel had apparently fallen out of the car and Sunny had found him. He came home no worse for the wear and regained his rightful place in Zachary's heart.

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