Monday, September 17, 2007

7 Months Later

After an extended creating vacation, I am back. I had major laptop woes. From a major crash (why didn't I ever back up my fonts?) to dropping the stupid thing while it was open and cracking the screen) the Toshiba and I were just not friends. As my birthday/Christmas/Arbor Day/Halloween/Thanksgiving/Flag day gift for the next year DH bought me a refurbished Dell business class computer - with the idea that it should be hardier and better able to withstand my abuse. I am now working on DL'ing, unzipping and reloading fonts, getting caught up in the digi world and picking through my pictures from the last 7 months.

Watch this space for a new LO... soon!


Carrie said...

Welcome back!

Chelsea said...

I love that you took as much time off as ME!

Nathy said...

welcome back :)
Gorgeous layouts !

Bethany said...

What a treat to see your blog updated. :)